• Access to Pakistan’s fishing record database including categorized by all Tackle, Fly Rods and Line Class.
  • Access to up to date and detailed weather reports compiled from all the best marine websites. 
  • A vast listing of angling hotspots Pakistan wide with GPS locations and seasonal activity variation.
  • Access to the reports and articles database. You can read the latest reports and see the club records plus add your own records and reports.
  • Discuss latest issues affecting angling in Pakistan online and access to the “ask fishing gurus” section where different experienced anglers will answer your questions.
  • Read our information on Pakistan’s salt and freshwater gamefish including vital information such as local names, world and local records, scientific and biological descriptions, where to catch, how to catch and of course fight characteristics of the gamefish.
  • Regular updates on new records.
  • Invitations to PGFA special events and Tournaments.
  • The number of potential anglers who started and gave up the sport due to lack of knowledge and help in absence of an association over the last few years has been very disappointing. New anglers finally have a base from where they can start their piscatorial adventures. All the information needed to start this incredible sport is available to cater for every type of fishing available in Pakistan – from fly-fishing to big game fishing. 
  • Experienced anglers will finally be able to benefit from an association that could revitalize their interest in the sport. Upto date reports, weather conditions, and forums discussions on tackle and techniques will always be close at hand. It’s a great way to meet other anglers, post your own ideas and share your angling experiences with other like-minded people. Healthy competition and club records provide are already proving to be a great success with anglers challenging themselves to achieve higher goals in their angling careers. Furthermore, with our section on freshwater and fly fishing, there is always the opportunity to learn about new types of angling which many do not even know existed in Pakistan. Our members travel and fish abroad a fair amount and international angling reports will soon be available on our website for the traveling angler. Experienced anglers will also find that tagging a gamefish properly requires a lot more skill than gaffing. It adds a whole new dimension to an already great sport. 
  • A look at the state of angling all over the world will show us how far behind we are as anglers in playing our role in conservation. Worldwide anglers have embraced the catch and release culture. Anglers are recognized in Australia, USA and other countries as the forerunners of conservation and marine studies. There is no reason Pakistan should be an exception. We have abused our natural resources needlessly for 50 odd years and its time we began thinking about preserving our sport for future generations. (See section on “why release” on the website for a more detailed discussion on catch and release.)

All this information exists to enhance your angling endeavors. By joining the PGFA you are ensuring that you are angling in a sustainable and more challenging manner.

To Join Our Club we only ask you to follow the PGFA’s ethical angling standards. (Also browse PGFA rules.).