Why PGFA is Free

For all those who ask this question, the answer, fortunately, is a very simple one. The short of it is,

We’re not in it to make money; our fishing is too valuable to put a price on it!

For the skeptics among you, let us elaborate a bit further.

  1. The PGFA was envisioned as an association of like minded individuals who pursue fishing as a hobby, a sport if you may, and mixing work with pleasure will only taint the objectives of the association.
  2. Unfortunately, no amount of money can induce ethical practices into a society, nor can money correct the mistakes made by sports-fishermen in the past.
  3. The associations aim is simple, educate through example. No money is needed to set an example.
  4. Our membership has only one restriction, a member MUST subscribe to the views, aims and objectives of the Association. Monetary wealth is of no value to us, just your ethical standards.