Who is an Angler?

A person who catches fish with a Hook, Rod, Reel & Line.

انگلر وہ شخص ہے جو ہک ، راڈ ، ریل اور لائن کے ساتھ مچھلی پکڑتا ہے۔

An angler is a recreational fisherman who uses the fishing technique/methods of angling. Angling is a method of fishing by means of an “angle” (fish hook). The hook or a Artificial Lure is attached to a fishing line, the fishing line attached to a fishing rod, the fishing rod fitted with a fishing reel, etc., etc. You get the idea. Angling is a principal method of sport fishing.

Why catch Fish by Rod/Reel, why not hand line is Sport Fishing?

Fishing line is designed to break at some point, called the line breaking strength but the Drag mechanism in your fishing reels doesn’t let this happen how? Drag is designed to allow you to set how much resistance a fish feels when it pulls on the line.

Drag is measured in pounds. The tighter you set the drag, the more resistance the fish feels.

You want to set the drag tight enough that it tires out the fish when you fight it, but not so tight that the line breaks under stress.

To learn How to setup drag in your reel and what is correct setting of your drag check out this link

So when fish run by pulling the line, the drag don’t let the line break, instead the line slips off the reel before its breaking strength, so the ratio of fight makes fish stronger then you as Angler, the Art of fishing is all about landing bigger fish on smaller fishing tackle.

At other end fishing with Hand Line is very unsporting, where most fishermen use heavy lines and haul fish towards them which leaves no chances for fish to fight back, its less challenging and most of all its not considered as Sport Fishing by IGFA as well as PGFA, so the chances are someday you might catch a great fish, which could land you a world or Pakistan record but you’ll be disqualified because you caught it using handline not by Rod/Reel.

Whether you consider yourself a fisherman or an angler, we welcome you at PGFA and hope that someday, you’d start catching fish by Rod and Reel using lighter fishing tackle, so you could say that you have caught a 20 lb fish using only an 8 lb line? isn’t it sounds cool

We at PGFA are sportsmen who is working hard to up our game and be the best. we respects the fish, the environment, and the equipment that makes our sport exciting and fulfilling. Like all sportsmen, we uses the right equipment and works to win.

An Angler, thinks like fish, they plan way before hitting the water

Being an Angler, you are a hobbyist, someone who targets a particular fish, plan for it, find the right weather, conditions and most importantly fishes competitively means make your own personal and Pakistan records.