Tuna, longtail (Gidder) by Asif Khan

Tuna, longtail (Gidder) Thunnus tonggol
All-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 15.8 lbs
Line class 50 lbs
Location Churna Island (facing Khadda)
Catch Date 9/16/2007
Angler Asif, Khan

Catch Story

We started our trip for casting around churna for travelies with sliver spoons. We caught 7 GTs, 13 small jacks, 8 small queen fish, one garfish and one long tail tuna. Suddenly we saw fish frenzy feeding on small school of fish and we ran towards that area and thanks God our Yanmmar 3 cylinder within minutes we were on that school and I cast straight in the middle of that school and I hooked a long tail tuna, weight of 7 Kg 400 gms.