Snakehead, Great (Mundi, Sawal) by Mobeen Siddiqi

Snakehead, Great (Mundi, Sawal) Channa Marulius
All-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 13 lbs
Line class 10 lbs
Location Tarbella Lake
Catch Date 5/1/2009
Angler Mobeen, Siddiqi

Catch Story

Reached our snakehead heaven at 9:30am. Disappointment; first as water depth was between 2 to 7 feet with no fish identification on FF. We assumed, as water level is low therefore the snakeheads are either resting under the rocks or on lake bed. This time we were carrying lots of different frog lures and were very optimistic, however they all failed, then I decided to use my old buzz-frog-lure. (My idea for their failure was that they were all floating lures). The idea paid as I hooked and landed one on my first cast. Nothing happened after, until I decided to move alone to a spot which was nearly 200 meters away from the rest of team. I took the landing net, few lures and reached there. After about 30 minutes of spinning, finally I got the bite. It was a tremendous jerk on my 10 lb line but it survived, when I saw the fist glimpse of that 3 footer snakehead, the first thing came in to my mind was, “how I am going to land this thing” as I was alone there, then I decided to try by my self. Many occasions I though about the idea to retrieve and land a big fish with out the help of anyone but never tried. Keeping in mind on few videos I saw earlier on this subject i.e. singly retrieving and landing fish. I selected the landing area. Put the landing net exactly on that spot and then started retrieving the fish. After 2 jumps and lots of straight down dives, finally It got tired and I retrieved it exactly on the planned landing spot over the landing net. Successfully managed to put half of his body from the head in the net, for the other half I had to lift the net with one hand as the size of the net was just 18 inches. Total fight and landing took 10 minutes. It was a 13 lbs Snakehead, with a length of 37 inches and 14 inches Grith.