Mirror carp (Gulfam) by Ali Raza

Mirror carp (Gulfam) Cyprinus carpio carpio
All-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 18 lbs
Line class 14 lbs
Location Khan Pur Mangla Lake
Catch Date 10/24/2011
Angler Ali, Raza

Catch Story

While fishing at Khanabad Mangla line of one of the rods was tightening up. I immediately picked the rod and hooked feeling a heavy weight on the other end fighting for released. I played carefully keeping the line tight, not giving any chance to his catch. I was slowly and steadily dragging the specie when ever got a chance. The whole area of the bank was slippery because of rains, it was quite dangerous there. And the specie was moving left and right giving a real hard time. Soon my brother Hassan Raza was deep into the water with his landing net. He tried to grab the fish many times with the landing net but the fish was quite smart, in many attempts she kept herself way from the net. At last the fish was tired and Hassan handed it safely. Every one shouted, MashaAllah Cheeta. On scale it was over 22 Lbs. 9.5 KG beautiful Common Carp. Anglers may have caught even bigger than this but it is not on PGFA record so this may be a PGFA Fresh Water Common Carp record.