Milkfish (Muro) by Mehfooz haq

Milkfish (Muro) Chanos chanosAll-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 26 lbs
Line class 30 lbs
Location Bara Talar
Catch Date 2/2/2012
Angler Mehfooz, haq

Catch Story

At around 3.00 PM at Chota Talar near mubarak village for targeting Pompano & boat was anchored. I cast a simple rig of line with a single hook at tip without weight/sinkers, used fish intestine piece at bait and let the bait drift along the shores for about 50 feet. The rod was on my hand and drag liver was off and line was free from drag, as soon the reel start screeching, after waiting for about few seconds I applied the drag by turning switch at on position, the line going out very fast and drag seems to me non effective on the speed of fish so I start enhancing the drag but it seems that it was almost ineffective in slowing down the fish running away from boat. By that time captain of the boat already saw the huge milkfish and due to his experience understand that only by following the fish with boat he can make sure that whole spool will not empty/line broke. He immediately started the boat, removed rope of anchor after attaching it with a float, start running the boat towards fish direction. Nearly entire line was out when fish changed direction and coming towards boat, but taking this advantage I start winding as fast as possible, then the fish take another run and again the line reached near end, boat was behind her but it seems she is going to outrun the boat. Fish was running in circle and my boatman took the risk and by changing the direction reached near fish which cause a slacked line, I retrieved the line at maximum possible speed and retrieved most of the line, thankfully the fish didn’t managed to keep herself free by taking the advantage of a slacked line. The fish was on left side of boat when she took a third run also went under surface, she again dragged up to half of spool and this time appeared at right side of boat, by that time she stopped resisting and I pulled her near boat and gaffed properly and pulled in boat safely. It was Captain of boat whose quick decisions make this, nearly impossible catch, possible.