Mackerel, Narrow Barred (Surmai/Gore) by Farooq Kalim

Mackerel, Narrow Barred (Surmai / Gore) Scomberomorus commersonAll-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 84.92 lbs
Line class 25 lbs
Location Breakwater (Karachi)
Catch Date 11/27/2007
Angler Farooq, Kalim

Catch Story

After coming home empty on several trips, this one was made all the bad memories vanish! Kamal Paracha and myself headed out of Kemari at 12:30 pm and anchored the boat past break water. Our plan was to cast out a bit past the surface action created by bait fish and do a slow retrieve on the locally made white wood popper, AKA Gulla. At 1:30 got our first surmai – 24 kg. At 1:45pm another big strike and little fight before the monster broke the line. At roughly 2:30 landed the second big Surmai 27 kg and by roughly 3:15 landed the biggest surmai 38 kg after a fight of about 30 min’s. From then onwards there were a total of 6 strikes most ended in broken lines because the fish went under the boat and in other cases the hook was not set.