Knifefish, Clown (Pattra) by Arif Badr

Knifefish, Clown (Pattra) Chitala chitala
All-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 5.5 lbs
Line class 32 lbs
Location Sindh Valley Game Reserve
Catch Date 6/11/2011
Angler Arif, Badar

Catch Story

Arriving at the Raino lake on a typical scorching hot day. Nearing 40 degree in the late afternoon, a group of friends were determined to do some fresh water fishing. It was a breathtaking view of the natural wild life.There were wild deer and eyebak ducks swimming on the sparkling lake.The colour of the water was perfect for fishing, a tint of green due to the presence of algae.The group including myself, Ali Mufti, Ali Saeed,Yasir, Ali Waqar, Azhar & Saleem Khan.As Ali Mufti and I decided where to start fishing, we unpacked our tackle.Since it was my first time fresh water fishing,I had decided to take my real shimano 4000D Baitrunner.My rod was Mitchell spinning with a 13.2 Kg Triline Defuses line.We had prepared as bait, earthworm, sweet corn and flour dough.I setup two rods and after half an hour no luck,decided to change my location with in tugs at my rod and my reel spinning,I landed my first fish.It was a 0.5 Kg carb, which I immediately release.Fifteen minutes later, I caught another carb of the same size.Around sun down I changed my location again as I approached Ali Saeed, he had caught a 3lb Krief fish.Soon later the group of us decided togather at a point called Raino bar.Mean while, Ali Mufti caught a Knief fish of similar size.I patiently waited for about 20 min.and soon realized that due to the noise and commotion,the fish most likely had swam away.I walked to a quiter area and cast my rod.I anxiously prayed and i catch a big fish, I anxiously prayed that I catch a big fish as it was my first fresh water fishing experience. The rest of the group had called it a day and had started to pack up their tackle and load the car.<br><br>Suddenly with a quick tug and widely my reel was spinning a knife fish jump out of the water. in all my excitement I called Ali Saeed to bring a net for a couple of minute I played with the fish slowly and gently, I brought the fish close and he took it out with the net. Over joyed with my catch, i announced that I caught the biggest fish of the day. When it was weight, it was 2.5 Kg. It was possibly the largest knife fish caught in Pakistan.

After the day success we headed out from this beautiful lake. It was truly a unique experience and I grateful to PGFA for organizing this event with special thanks to Azhar and Saleem Khan, for without their help this trip would not have been possible.