Cobia (Sangra) by Sanaullah

Cobia (Sangra) Rachycentron canadum
All-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 129 lbs
Line class 30 lbs
Location Churna Island
Catch Date 8/28/2010
Angler Sanaullah

Catch Story

Hi Guys AoA, another weekend had come and only one thing came in our mind go for fishing and do some action as last weekend we have done. I made a call to Bilal Salam and told him about the plan but he excused, as he had had to go office to attend some important meeting. We got similar excuses from another team members then we decided to go alone means me (Sana), my elder brother Hidayat and younger brother Ajee.

We reached Soneri at 1:00 pm and left at 2 after loading our luggage in Donda, almost at 3:00pm we were trolling at Satao Wali (Churna) but we didn’t get anything till 6:30pm. Now we started worrying about dinner because we only had some samosas & pakoras for iftar but we didn’t have any fish or meet for dinner except plain rice.

Then we decided to go for casting (In the root of Churna) to get some food for dinner and we had only 15 to 20 minutes cause after 15 minutes daylight became bad light. At very first cast I got strike on my rod but unfortunately i missed, then I started again like a machine after 7 to 8 cast again I got strike but at that time I didn’t want to miss the chance again after 1 min I landed carefully 3 kg travelly.

After some cast we got another one 2.5 kg travelly, now we were very happy cause we got some meet for dinner successfully and came back to back of Churna where we planned to stay at night.

After opening an iftar Ajee cooked delicious travelly qourma and plain rice for dinner then we started bottom fishing with no luck we released all the fishes because they all were under size so we decided to go for sleep.<br>Early in the morning we started trolling again at Satao Wali and got barracuda which was 7 to 8 kg after one hour game we got only one barra then we decided to go Dilram from Satao Wali when we reached in between Churna and Dillram we got a huge strike on our Xrap 30+ Penn reel was half of empty on the first go, after 40 to 45 minutes game we landed a huge cobia successfully in the help of Hidaya captain Allu (only for Gaffing) we were too happy and excited we thought it is over 80 kg fish. Then I called bilal to inform Ali Saeed bhai that we got record fish for an all tackle PGFA record, when bilal heard this exciting news he also became excited after 10 minutes he called me back and told me Ali bhai is also very excited and personally wanted to weigh and gauge the fish for an all tackle PGFA record.<br>When we reached at home everybody was glad included our parents, neighbors and friends, 30 to 40 minutes later Ali Bhai came over to my place along with PGFA team, Ali bhai started weighing and gauging the fish very professionally, after weighed we knew that the fish was not over 80 kg but with PGFA scale it was only 129 lbs. but it still qualifies for an all tackle PGFA record and the length was 77 inches (Mouth to Tail).

Ali bhai was working very hard just like a doctor who treats their patients very carefully thanks to PGFA for providing such a nice forum for anglers and we all are appreciated your work which you have done so far.

We extremely grateful and thanks to Ali Saeed Bhai for given us his precious time and treating us as one of the family member.