Barramundi (Dangri) by Abid Farooqi

Barramundi (Dangri) Lates calcarifer
All-Tackle Pakistan Record

Weight 30.42 lbs
Line class 80 lbs
Location Mangroves
Catch Date 5/1/2010
Angler Abid, Farooqi

Catch Story

I heard few bara caught last week from mangroves therefore we plan to go and try my luck, When i reached their I saw one fish feeding over bait, then i tried a lot of different lures but no success, After that i tried a rubber bait called wild eye, this lure works best for barramundi for me all the time. On 1st cast some thing huge swallow my baie and run like Ferrari charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Due to extreme currents of fast flowing water in Jawar timings this fish gave me tough fight, she took many runs but then at the end after 15 minute she appeared over the surface, a huge barramundi with shiny body and reflecting eyes. Finally when she comes out of water we weighted and measured this fish for PGFA all tackle record and it was exactly 13kg 800gm in presence of Mr Azhar khan who represents PGFA and is also a judge for PGFA annual tournaments along with 6 more anglers who witness this action and catch.