Muhammad Ali

Catching, Tagging and Releasing a Marlin, 123, Continental Shelf, Khadda, Karachi, Pakistan

It was back in October, 1998, when me and my team decided to go for a Marlin Tag and Release, so we left the Marina Club early in the morning about 4:30am, the team was, Mohammad Ali, lala amin, Aziz agha, Nadeem Ahmed, Zaheer Alvi, Hasnain and the Tindal Bashir.

We were cruising at 28 knots per hour, it was about 8AM in the morning when we reached 123 The Continental Shelf, the sea was calm, we started trolling the skirted lures, the day was calm nothing much was happening till around 11 o’clock when we had a strike in one of the five rods that we had been trolling, the game was ON! Nadeem was the person who had his turn to get a fight with marlin, it took less than 15 min to bring it along side of the boat so that I can put the tag, and as you can see in the video it was perfectly done and after that it has to be revived, when the fish got the strength to swim we let it go, unfortunately the camera that Aziz was taking all the picture went in the water so we do not have any pictures, but as Hussain was making the movie, we had to make some still shots from this movie, calculating the weight as per IGFA calculator, it was around 120 lbs., we did send this to IGFA and they recognized it and send us the Catch and Release certificate and now after 31 years proudly received the same Certificate of acknowledgment from PGFA.

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