Blue Marlin sighted at Churna Island in May

by Ali Mufti

This is truly interesting, Four years ago in September, during trevally season I have seen a marlin at Churna myself, Never hooked up though. Manga (Captain) claims to have seen a sunning black marlin near the powerhouse a few years ago. Every year there are a few reports of juvenile marlin being caught or hooked at churna. Ali Saeed has himself seen a pair of sharks feeding on trevally in June last year.

There is a definite trend here. Those who might have read any Zane Grey will know that in New Zealand he used trevally as bait almost exclusively for huge striped and black marlin. So yes, the trend seems to be backed up with a certain amount of regular case history as well.

There is no doubt that marlin and larger game fish frequent these areas during periods of heavy baitfish activity, It would be very interesting to hook a few trevally during the season, (sept) and then troll a single large trevally as bait in the reef waters beyond churna. I believe there is a fair chance of hooking a large marlin in this manner. Black marlins are known to feed on ref fish and DO come very close to shore. Catching a marlin on a Hora (stationary boat) is an achievement, and congratulations to the angler. I wish that he would have released it but perhaps that’s asking too much at this stage, as awareness builds hopefully small fish will be released. We have acquired all the necessary equipment. (Tags, etc) So next season Inshahallah we will try to tag a marlin. Might land one last fish, but by in large, tag culture is here to stay.

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