Membership Benefits

As anyone who has gone fishing even once will testify, fishing buddies are a must. After all, who else can you share the stories with?

“….and the one that got away…”

      “…… She was HUUUUUGGGEEE I tell you

                  “Biggest you’ve ever seen, but…….”

The foremost definition of PGFA members is “like-minded”; therefore, the association offers a great spot to share your experiences, achievements and defeats.

For those who have been fishing for a while, the PGFA offers a refreshed view, a new challenge to an old sport. Catch & release, bag limits and tagging are aspects of the sport that will require you to give up the routine ways of doing things, strive once again to rediscover why you took up fishing in the first place, and prove to yourself that you can still rise up to new challenge’s. However, a new challenge is not the only new opportunity that the PGFA offers.

  • Ever wondered what the action is like off “Charna Island” today?
  • What is the hype about Pasni Beach?” “Shark-fishing? In Pakistan?
  • Is there a freshwater destination worth visiting close to Karachi?
  • What’s jigging?
  • How do you get to so and so location?
  • Are there really schools of hundred dolphins roaming around just offshore from Churna?
  • Can Trevally be caught by fly-fishing?
  • Well, what is Fly-Fishing?
  • Is the myth about the 1,000 lbs Mekong catfish true?
  • On a business trip in London and have a day off… where can I go to fish?

These are some of the many questions the PGFA will answer for you. Our information base is collaborated using first hand information from our members. If there is a destination or technique that hasn’t been research by our members, name it, and we’ll find members to go explore it out with you.

So to summarize, to the weathered angler PGFA offers: 

  1. The opportunity to give back to the sport. Your help is pivotal in inducing catch & release and bag limit culture within Pakistan. 
  2. Timely reports on frequently visited fishing destinations in Pakistan, ensuring that you are at the right place at the right time. 
  3. Firsthand information on new destinations in Pakistan with potential, including tips on trip-planning, minimum equipment needed and access to PGFA tried & tested contacts. 
  4. For the international travelers, a database of “must try” destinations, both salt and fresh-water
  5. Access to information on new innovations in the sport, and details of aspects of the sport that have yet to catch on in Pakistan.

For the new comers to this sport, the association allows the unlimited experience of its veteran members. Our veteran members have all “been there, done that”, learning things the hard way along the way. PGFA is the pre-built base upon which you can build your fishing experience. After all, as all veteran members will confirm “There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot”.

Other questions the PGFA and indeed nobody in Pakistan can as yet answer. Questions such as

  1. Where do our game fish migrate into our waters from?
  2. How long do our premier game fish species live?
  3. What are their growth rates?
  4. What are their fighting characteristics?
  5. Which species found in Pakistan and what are their local names?
  6. What, where, when and how one can catch gamefish and by using which method?”

The PGFA seeks to start the exciting road to discovery and knowledge through Pakistan’s first game fish tagging program. It will take many years but the wait and effort will be worth it. For a few of us now fishing suddenly has a new challenge and meaning. Each fish tagged will be a minor victory and all anglers should feel the thrill of tagging. The proud feeling of getting a fish on board fades as fast as the colors on a dying fish, but the memory of a tagged fish swimming away will truly stay with you forever. Don’t deny yourself one of angling’s greatest pleasures. Join up and enhance the enjoyment of this fantastic sport and this way of life. For that is exactly what angling is. “A way of life” 

In short, PGFA is an association conceived to re-introduce, per-say, and a “brotherhood” back into the segmented sport fishing community of Pakistan. No politics, just tight lines and screaming reels.