Syed Adnan Zafar

Adnan Love Fishing , Marine Life and Sea, mainly Addicted to popping, casting & Jigging chasing pelagics e.g. Tuna,Marlin,GT’s, AJ etc.

His personal records are 136 lbs Tuna on popping, approx. 77 lbs GT on popping which then was released, A Blue Marlin and a 32 lbs longtail Tuna on light jigging.

He’ve fished UAE , Oman , Saudia Arabia , Malaysia and Pakistan chasing his target to catch 20 kg+ Barramundi and 60 Kgs GT

Adnan started fishing at very young age and become an Angler in Mid age, he have participated in multiple IGFA tournaments. He’s currently working to promote Sport/Game fishing in Pakistan through his platform, the Pakistan Anglers Hub; educating anglers about tackles (since most of the Anglers don’t know which tackle to use) and provide game fishing charters Service.

Adnan’s message to Anglers is: Use proper tackles and most importantly don’t overkill, We want the fish to live & avenge us on another day with more aggression and power. Among many other factors, this is why we prefer to release the fish back to the water . Spirit of True Anglers.

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