Founding Trustees

Ali Saeed

“There’s a thin line in between Angling and just standing on the shore like an idiot. Fishing is not all luck, planning starts long before an Angler hits the water, thinking like a fish, finds the right timings and habitat, pinpoint one and catch it, concentration and taking it as challenge is everything” says Ali Saeed who, in more than 20 years of angling experience fishing the Salt and Freshwater of Pakistan, who’ve chased and catch species from Tuna to Trout, Cobia to Carp & Mahseer, Ali Saeed is a complete angler.

Ali has been integral to the development of angling as a sport in Pakistan. A born angler his roots lie in the hardcore surf and rock casting discipline in which he is the foremost expert and practitioner in Pakistan. He progressed into every conceivable aspect of the sport with extensive offshore and inshore experience in all species available in our waters.

Ali actively promotes true Angling in Pakistan with the goal of educating fellow anglers on the importance of fisheries conservation. Today, PGFA which once was the most popular angling forum in Pakistan has grown into a leading authority on angling in Pakistan.

Ali is an avid plug angler and like most complete anglers he also took to fly fishing naturally and is a pioneer of saltwater fly fishing in Pakistan.  

He went beyond this with a group of likeminded anglers who were concerned with the deteriorating state of our fisheries and through his role as a founder trustee of the PGFA, he has accomplished great things in Angling, Conservation and Rural Welfare, highlighting economic benefits of recreational angling and the importance of resource conservation over the last 20 years.

Ali remains an active angler and one of the best people to fish with.

Ali Mufti

Ali Mufti is one of the most accomplished and innovative anglers in Pakistan who cut his teeth on  the hora (stationary boat) and launch offshore angling scene in the late 90s by emulating the legends of the fishing circuit who came before him. Obsessed initially with catching all the available saltwater big game species in Pakistan he devoted many years of his life to targeting the most difficult and hard fighting fish in the sea. The 333 lb Black Marlin he landed is still amongst the landmark catches in pakistan’s angling history. He is the person to have introduced vertical jigging in Pakistan pioneering tackle technique and the locations for this style of angling in Pakistan which completely revolutionized the sport. 

Far from stopping at the saltwater game Ali expanded his angling repertoire into every aspect and technique in the sport. A pioneer of fly fishing and fly tying in Pakistan he has travelled the world catching many species on the fly and presently holds the brown trout fly caught record in Pakistan as well. Put simply, if it swims and can be caught on rod and reel, Ali will know about it. 

What set Ali apart is as he progressed in his angling life was the determination to protect fisheries across the country by being the founder trustee of the PGFA and advocating across all media the need for a catch and release culture in Pakistan. Along with Ali Saeed he formed the most important angling association in the country which is today at the forefront of angling conservation and rural welfare of fishing communities and continues in his capacity as Trustee of this most important association.