Apply for Pakistan Fishing Record

Click here to download, the official Pakistan Fishing Record Application, feel free to make copies and share it with other Anglers as long as all items are included.

PGFA charge flat RS/5,000 Record application and processing changes irrespective of your record gets approved or rejected.

The Rule of Thumb: From the time that a fish strikes or takes a bait or lure, the angler must hook, fight, and bring the fish to gaff or net unaided by any other person. No other person may touch any part of the tackle during the playing of the fish or give aid other than taking the leader for gaffing or netting purposes.
  • The angler must fill in the application personally.
  • PGFA also recommends that the angler personally mail the application, line sample, or fly leader, video and photographs.
  • We also strongly recommend the submission of high resolution digital videos and photos.
  • When making any record claim, the angler must indicate the specified strength of the line or tippet used to catch the fish.
  • In the cases of line class and tippet class records, this will place claim in an PGFA line or tippet class category.
  • All lines will be examined by PGFA to verify the specified strength of the line.
  • If the line or tippet over tests its particular category, the application will be considered in the next highest category; if it under tests into a lower line or tippet class category, the application will not be considered for the lower line class.
  • The heaviest line class permitted for both freshwater and saltwater records is 60 kg (130 lb) class.
  • The heaviest tippet class permitted for fly fishing records is 10 kg (20 lb). If the line or tippet over tests these maximum strengths, the claim will be disallowed.
  • Extreme care should be exercised in measuring the fish, as the measurements are often important for weight verification. See the measurement diagram on the record application to be sure you have measured correctly.
  • The angler is responsible for seeing that the necessary signatures and correct addresses of the boat captain, weighmaster/representative and witnesses are on the application.
  • If PGFA officer or representative, or an officer or member of an PGFA fishing club is available, he or she should be asked to witness the claim. The name of a boatman, guide, or weighmaster repeated as witness is not acceptable.
  • Any deliberate falsification of an application will disqualify the applicant for any future PGFA Pakistan Record and any existing records will be nullified.

For any questions concerning the PGFA Pakistan Record Application, contact PGFA at