Fishing Cordinates of Mangla Dam

Mangla Dam is one of the biggest fresh water reservoirs located in Azad Jammu Kashmir. It has many fishing spots. Mangla reservoir, as I know, has many approaches from main GT Road i.e. Sari Alamgir, Dina, Gujar Khan and Rawat. Rawat/Kalar Sayedian/Dhan Gali is a beautiful and short cut route for people living in Rawalpindi if they wish to select a spot at Khadimabad, Chaksawari, Siak, Pota orPplak area. You can also select a spot near Jabbar if you go via Gujar khan. Route via Dina would be the best for anglers living around Rawalpindi if they wish to select a sport near Mirpur area. Now I will discuss about the most famous spots of Mangla Reservior:

Barooti The area around spillway water is called Barooti which is very close to the bridge on the River Jhelum. You can find chilwa/luria in the shallow water on the right side of the road near the bridge. This spot is well known for every kind of fresh water species but cat fish is most common there. You will find lot of fungus and weed there in the bottom of reservior, the fish you will cath would have effects of fungus on her skin and and after washing you can see beautiful natural color of fish. It would be best to chose a spot closer to the spillway for better game.

Lanchoon (Boats) wala Adda is the nearest spot just before reaching Mirpur. You can hire a boat and select one of the many spots there, don't forget spooning while you are on the boat as you may catch catfish as a bonus before you reach at your selected spot. If weather is good and calm you can select one of many small islands. If you expect weather can change, don't chose sitting on islands as you would struck there for unknown period of time. Once we sat on a small island and suddenly weather changed. We saw clouds rising from the horizon, wind was getting stronger and stronger after passing of every minute and light drizzle started. We decided to leave the place and boarded on an inflatable boat. When we were in the middle, strong wind starting blowing, the whole reservior became a rough sea. Our boat was uncontrollable and it was floating like a toy as it was taking us to opposite direction to our intended destination. After a lot of struggle and prayers wind slowed down and we reached to unknown destination.

Chaparian is well known as"Tilapia's paradise". To reach Chaparian you need to go to Mirpur first. In between the city a road turns to left which leads you to the spot. You can catch as many tilapias as many hooks you have on the line. Tilapia is hungry specie and is very found of worms beside eating any other bait you have on the hook, she is hooked without any effort or applying special techniques. Even a child can hook and land it without any effort. Although Tilapia is very tasty fish yet I prefer catching Catfish which gives you immense pleasure while playing and landing. I have experienced catching 3 tilapias at a time as I never used more than 3 hooks on one line. You can catch many big eels(bam) there as well. This point is also good for catching Catfish (Singhara & Malee) beside Carps. This is a well spread spot and you can find both deep and shallow water there.

Kabootron Wali Dhan This spot is very famous for catching big species, it is located on the main reservior on the walls of Mangla Dam. I have heard many stories from my mother about catching big species of 30 to 40 Lbs by my grandfater & uncles. About 30-40 years back when there was not much transport availble anthuestic anglers used to reach that point by foot. There is a steep and it is almost impossible to reach at the top with so much fishing gear, food, water and camping material we carry now a days for our comfort.

Qabarustan (Grave Yard) Located on the right site of the main dam, while you cross Mirpur city and where the wall of dam end you will find this spot. Qabarustan was very famous spot for big games. Since the upraising of Mangla dam I believe this spot has been drowned.

Naka before reaching Chaparian there is another point on the left called Naka. I have no experience of fishing there although I have heard a lot about this point. You need to cover a very long distance by foot to reach this spot.

Jari Kas after crossing the Mirpur city there is a bridge and just after that bridge Jari Kas area starts . There are many fishing spots at Jari Kas, on most of the spots water is quite deep therefore you need to find a good spot.

Kakra Town next stop from Jari Kas is Kakra Town famous for Rahoo and Narain. There are many more unexplored points on the way towards Chak Sawari e.g. Akalgarh/Salamgarh, Khaliqabad and Abdullahpur but I have never visited and explored these spots.

Picture by Arfan MahmoodChak Sawari around 40 KM away from Mirpur there is a placed called "haven of carps". You need to turn left from main chowk at Chak Sawari/Dhudial Road. After crossing the bazar you need to travel around 6-7 KM and you will see the water. Fishing spots are spread over miles, you can sit at any suitable point but if you hire a boat and ask the boat man to take you to a good spot it would not be a bad idea at all. We have always experienced catching many big Carps there beside catching cat fish. Chak Sawari is one of my favourate place. Try to selft a muddy and plain spot for catching carps.

Khadimabad/Siak these two points are very close to Dhudial. When you reach Dhudial there is a Shell Gas Station, a road alongside gas stations leads you to Khadimabad/Siak. If you go streight you will reach Siak and if you turn right you will rach Khadimabad. There are many good fishing spots at both places. The best is Khadimabad, I have caught many big species mostly Catfish and Carps.

Dhangali/Plak River Jhelum is falling into Mangla reservior at a place called Dhangali and River Punch is falling at Plak, on the bank of both rivers you can find many spots where you can catch Mahasheer and Catfish.


June 15, 2009 by Mustujab ur Rahman Hashmi