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The Pakistan Game Fish Association is a non profit trust concerned with recreational fishing, conservation and rural community development. We are a member club of the International Game Fish Association and their official weigh masters in Pakistan. PGFA online is a virtual encyclopedia of sport fishing information and social networking where thousands of anglers, captains, scientists, guides, tackle traders, marine biologists and others can communicate.
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Fishing the Chashma barrage mid 80s (By Pervez Akhtar Khan (Air Cdre (R), PAF.))
Chashma Barrage, River Indus - Mianwali District So here I am claiming that were camped right over a goldmine of Sole fish and he rejecting my theory. He sort of threw in a challenge which was readily accepted. The trick was to find bait fish or frogs to put on my hooks. In about half an hour we were able to catch silvery minnows from the shallow waters. Instead of the normal rod and reel business, I just cut off 25 feet of some 20LB test line... More...
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